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With over 20 years experience in the landscaping industry, we are not only great at what we do, but have the skills & confidence to tackle any project, with guaranteed remarkable results.

Our hardworking crew include qualified Horticulturists, ensuring that we give the best advice and resources to suit your landscaping project.

Having been established in Alice Springs for over 11 years we understand that water is an all too precious resource. We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of water-saving automatic irrigation systems, keeping your garden in top condition.

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Transform your space with horticulture experts

Highly Qualified & Experienced

The Tregea team has an abundance of knowledge, with over 20 years experience in the landscaping industry

Rich Horticultural Knowledge

Our gardens & systems are all designed specifically to suit Alice Spring’s environment & conditions.

Hassle Free

We’ve refined our processes, giving you a great result that’s professional & straightforward from Go to Woah

A Garden You’ll Be Proud Of

Quality landscaping that will only improve as it grows.

Custom designs by experienced professionals

Who are Tregea Landscaping?

Well established in the Alice Springs region, we offer local knowledge in all landscaping services.

Our team provide quality landscaping designs & maintenance, a wealth of arboricultural experience and are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of water-saving automatic irrigation systems.

What Our customers are saying

Wonderful, helpful and professional company who has always given me the highest degree of service and nothing is ever a problem. Highly recommend.


Darren R.
Residential Client

Professional Advice

Is your lawn looking healthy?

Is your lawn looking healthy? Or are you finding yellow, brown dry areas on your lawn? You keep watering it and it just keeps getting worse? You may have a case of the lawn grub and black beetle What is the lawn grub and black beetle? Lawn grub is a little grub that...

Treating Weeds in the Lawn

Weeds can overtake and destroy your lawn if not treated in the correct way. Many people may choose to simply mow over the weeds with the rest of the lawn, which may have the desired effect in the short term. However, if the weeds are seeding this may instead spread...

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