Is your lawn looking healthy? Or are you finding yellow, brown dry areas on your lawn?

You keep watering it and it just keeps getting worse? You may have a case of the lawn grub and black beetle

What is the lawn grub and black beetle? Lawn grub is a little grub that lives beneath the surface of your lawn, feeding on the roots of the grass and organic matter, thus damaging your lawn.

The Black beetle is a little beetle that is found on or under the soil feeding on the roots and the top of the lawn

What seasons do you find lawn grub and black beetle? They are most active in the warmer months when they have hatched and then turn into adults in the cooler months where they come to the surface to mate and lay eggs that hatch in the spring ready to start feeding on your lawn again.

How do you stop the lawn grub cycle? Use lawn grub killer. You can buy this from the gardening stores or give us a call on 0418577448 and we can organise to get your lawn looking good again.